cosmetic-dentures-turkeyMany people think that Dentures have been left behind in the cosmetic dental revolution, it’s not so! In fact, using the latest technology and techniques, Cosmetic Dentures can create the ultimate smile makeover. Forget 10 years younger, the latest in Cosmetic Dentures can not only restore your smile but take 20 years off your whole face!

Our Cosmetic Dentures are made from Acrylonitrile. The dentist has stressed that what makes a good quality Denture in appearance and most importantly fit is the laboratory that makes them and the dentist investing their time to ensure a good impression of the gum is taken in the first instance. If adjustments need to be made for an accurate fit we can do this before you return home. All of our Denture patients tell us that their denture is far superior in both the appearance and fit compared to their previous Denture.

Dentures can be partial or full, to replace a full jaw of missing teeth or Partial to replace a few missing teeth. Dentures can be fitted straight after teeth have been taken out so that no-one knows you have had teeth removed.