Turkey has approximately 70 Dental Centres. Dental Centres are larger than Clinics and smaller than Hospitals. Fresh from a facelift, the centre is a comprehensive, modern clinic in Antalya that offers a wide range of cosmetic and reconstructive treatments. In all honesty you will find it hard to find a better dental facility in the area. The centre holds high-end dental equipment, such as 3D X-Ray Tomography machine which sends digital images of your teeth and jaw bones to guide implant computer software.

The clinic is among the only three dental clinics in Turkey that use dental technology of this caliber. The clinic’s staff is known for their precision and non-invasive approach, especially with dental implant patients, using guided implant technology to deliver a painless and friendly procedure for the patient. 
During your consultation with one of our Antalya dentist, he/she will give you easy-to-understand advice on your condition and the solutions available. The clinic has a very modern design evident its 3-story sleek structure, dental chairs, streamlined equipment and advanced dental technology. During your consultation in Antalya not only will your treatment be discussed with you 1-2-1 with the dentist but also you can see your dental problems while you sit in the chair as each is equipt with an LED screen so we are able to show you your X-Rays, explain your problems and more importantly the solutions.