Bone Grafting TurkeyIn some cases the primary reason why you have lost your natural teeth maybe due to loss of your natural jaw bone. In these cases you may have been advised that you are not a suitable candidate for Implants as you do not have sufficient bone or you may have been advised that you will need a Bone Graft and/ or Sinus Lifting Procedure alongside your Implant procedure.

In the case that one of your natural teeth has been missing 3-5 years or more the bone density in that area may be low. Therefore you may need a bone grafting procedure in order to ensure there is sufficient bone to support the Implant and ensure its future success.

Bone Grafting is not a rare procedure, approximately 30% of our Implant patients need Bone Grafting or Sinus Lifting in conjunction with Dental Implants. These procedures can be confirmed if you are able to send us a copy of your Panoramic X-Ray before you travel or as part of your consultation following your dental scans in our clinic.

There are several important things to consider when placing Dental Implants.