Panaromic X-Ray

This is an x-ray machine that takes digital images of your teeth, root canals, jaw bone and sinus pockets. It provides the Dentist or Oral Surgeon with a 2D view. This is a standard requirement for patient records and a first diagnosis. With its low radiation level, the machine provides clear dental images.



Soft Tissue Laser
It can be used for soft tissue cuts. It is also used for disinfection purposes in root canal therapy or gum treatment. With different apparatuses, it can also be used in teeth bleaching.

cerec crowns

Cerec Technology
CEREC® is the very latest technology which enables the dental clinic to create your Crown, Veneer or Porcelain restoration in the dental clinic in under 30 minutes. CEREC® Works with 3D computer assisted technology to create or restore your teeth with perfect precision and without any dental impression. It is also referred to as ‘Teeth in a day’.

dental-tomoghraphy turkey


Dental Tomography
The Dental Tomography allows us to look 100% beneath the gum line at every minor detail. The digital scan can be viewed 360 Degrees as it is a 3D View. This allows us to assess a patient’s bone density and is necessary for planning Dental Implants with Guided Technology also referred to as Implants without surgery.


This is the device that is used to sterilize the tools and devices used in dentistry by vacuuming. With its vacuum function, it sterilizes even the deepest layers of tools and devices. The autoclave used is the latest technology, one which kills all bacteria and viruses including HIV and HEPATITUS B.


dental implant - guided - turkeyGuided Technology
The latest revolution is Guided Dental Implants also referred to as Dental Implants without Surgery. Guided implant surgery uses CT data to examine and pre-plan the surgery, and since the technology offers perfect precision it is our preferred method of placing Implants. There is no cutting of the gum as a personal gum shield with pre-drilled Implant holes is used as a guide to place your Implants. It results in a quicker healing time, less swelling, no stitches and it is much more patient friendly.


dental-technology-in-turkey-implant-equipmentPiezzo Surgery Motor
Piezzo Surgery Motor is a key machine used in routine and advanced surgical procedures. It assists the dentist to deal with hard tissues with less trauma to the patient. Thereby, it also helps protect the bone tissue, prevents swelling and pain following treatment. It also provides safe working conditions in soft tissue operations such as sinus lifting. With its changeable ends, it can serve in many surgical procedures including implantology & periodontology.